Wildfires can spread quickly, extending from the original source and changing direction unexpectedly. Here you’ll find a “starter list” of tools and open data that can support community preparedness for wildfires. If there are additional free tools or open data that can be shared, please email us at disastertech@ostp.gov.

Hazardous Fuels Reduction Treatment Activities A map service depicting activities that help reduce hazardous fuels on the landscape.
Wildfire Risk Main Model Combines three modeled fire behavior parameters (rate of spread, flame length, and crown fire potential) and one modeled ecological health measure (fire regime condition class) with wildland urban interface areas and ignition probability.

The American Red Cross provides different disaster preparedness apps in English and Spanish to deal with first aid emergencies, weather emergencies, and natural disasters. Users can download the apps for free at http://www.redcross.org/mobileapps.


SeeClickFix provides a database of citizen requests to help generate clear and actionable data on the state of infrastructure in the wake of a disaster. To learn more visit http://en.seeclickfix.com/.


Airbnb, a community marketplace for housing, will pre-identify and activate hosts for displaced persons and disaster service workers when an emergency occurs. To learn more and engage this initiative, contact emergencyresponse@airbnb.com.

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In addition to the many ways to Join the Movement and Get Involved, consider sharing your ideas and Challenge Statements where innovations in technology can be applied to help in the case of a wildfire. Email suggestions to disastertech@ostp.gov.